Audiobook Narrations

Dallas Britt has been a lifelong storyteller who has always made it a goal to entertain people and let others enjoy life through his words and actions. Dallas who is a North Carolina Native records from home Studio now located in Kaukauna Wisconsin. Dallas loves the world of audiobooks, not only as a narrator, but also as a listener. Dallas grew his talent for the art of storytelling while acting in live productions starting when he was young and carrying on even after graduating college. While recording all genres, Dallas specializes in the dying art of Southern Story telling reminiscent of the days when our Grandfathers would sit on the porch speaking of the early days. Dallas is also known for his love of Military Fiction, Thriller/Suspense, Horror, and Dystopian Apocalypse.

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Male 1st person Memoir Southern

Male 1st person faith based / meditative

Male 1st Person multiple Character

Male dramatic narrative

Southern Male 1st person Narrative

Female adult, female child

Male 1st person Biography